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The most difficult question is when you're asked to make the financial investment without a guaranteed return.

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I replied yes because the leadership support appeared as though it would be consistently available. Its far better than Primerica that's for sure!

Who will you market to?

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Why do you want to work as a financial adviser?

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Was I comfortable presenting their products to friends and family.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Someone who works for themselves or someone who is controlled by a boss?

What do you know about the financial products that New York Life offers?

Didn't ask anything specific or surprising. Very typical interview.

FIAT - stock splits, Last in, Last out, first in, first out and questions about the economy. There is no time limit so take as much time as you need. They don't track how much time it took you, only what score you got. Phone Interview - tell me about yourself? What groups or activities do you participate in that could be used to get clients? Was the FIAT exam difficult for you? The interviewer has your FIAT scores. Why do you want to be a financial advisor? Why do you think you would be successful at this job? What got you interested in finance? Focus on highlighting any experience you have as an entreuprenur and sales experience. Do you have any questions for me?

Would I be able to drive the 50 miles to and from my home.

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How many clients that have a net worth of 250k+ can you bring in a month?

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