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Case study. They give you a case in real world financial situation. And they expect you to answer the questions regarding that.

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I could not come up with good answers in this round. They expect you to think in management level.

State a time when you used your abilities outside of work to accomplish a sale/achieve new business .

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How many traffic signals in NYC?

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How would you determine an equity value of firm with debt exceeding the enterprise value?

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Well the second interview managed a hedge fund prior to coming to PwC, so the first thing he asked was a cryptic question regarding the current state of the capital markets and why I think it would be a good time to be a consultant in that industry.

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Behavioral: They really shape them based on how the conversation is going. Tell me something interesting? How do you make people agree with your idea? Case: Questions were written on Case. These were not used. Questions will be different depending on each case.

Why consulting?

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What can you tell me about Deloitte; specifically FAS?

Be prepared to have to dive deep into your resume. They are looking for example of past experiences to determine how well you can explain it and relate it to the position they're looking to fill. Show how you can relate to potential client needs. No business case was presented.

How many friends do have? How would they describe you in 3 words.

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