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What qualities would you expect that we would want the person in this position to posess?

1 Answer

This was a newly created position and since no one had done the job before, it was difficult more me as an outsider, to determine what qualities were needed. But I used what they told me about the job requirements to decipher what a person would need to be able to accomplish.

How many years I had in customer service jobs.

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All their questions asked about our experience regarding multitasking and time management. Also there were questions regarding customer service.

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The most difficult was how would you respond if your 6pm appointment came in at 4pm and your 4pm appointment was already there. What would you do?

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The most challenging question of course, " Why should we hire you?" Just answer honestly, voice your strengths, remain confident and one will be fine.

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What is one of your strengths/weakenesses.

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I would say the most difficult questions were the ones that were never asked. One would be how do you view being encouraged to work hard for minimal compensation at a company that has a new location director every few months? And how do you feel about being asked to go above and beyond but zero tolerance if you make a mistake?

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Do you feel you could meet our department metrics?

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Each person asked at least 5 questions, sometimes repeating what others asked since they were not all part of each interview. For example, in the panel interview, they would ask something and for the three 1 on 1 interviews, they would also each ask the same standard questions.

I can't recall the exact questions, but they were pretty standard - lots of situational questions about customer service and working with students. Tell us about time when...

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