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Name a specific time you had to deal with a difficult client. How did you handle it.

All behavioral. The hiring manager wanted me to tell him how would I forecast Staples revenue. There was a chuck board on his office. I wish I had gotten up and write something on the chuck board.

How do I handled stressful situations? Walk me thru your resume. Basic behavioral questions.

If I gave you ten things to do, could you get them done? How about if I change that to five?

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No, difficult questions. Just questions on how you handle conflicts and if you had any issues with coworkers. Questions about my background and skills.

What would your biggest enemy used to describe you? Why choose Citi instead of public accounting firms? Tell me your greatest accomplish? Tell me about a time when you delt with difficult coworkers. What would different you from other candidate? Why do you think verbal and written communication are important?

Why did you choose to move out of your current company?

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All of the questions were pretty straightforward- walk me through your resume, tell me about a difficult problem you solved, how did you deal with a difficult co-worker, etc.