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tell me about a time where you had a conflict with someone you were managing and it did NOT have a good outcome? What would you have done differently?

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I always go into interviews with a few of these "negative" types of stories prepared with the most positive spin possible. never make it anything too big of a deal, but it shouldn't be without issue either. and always discuss what you learned from it or how you've changed. In other words, when the interviewer is looking for a negative answer or an opportunity it should really be that with a positive spin, not something that's really a positive that you've spun negative (I work too hard, I'm a perfectionist, etc. - make it more like I need to work on my public speaking skills and I've joined XYZ group to help me with that or I should have been more open with my concerns earlier in the process as it would have saved time and frustration.) This is a classic MBA interview technique. I saw it alot.

Technical questions about SAS, SQL experience. Questions about resume; educational experience, work experience, accomplishments.

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You spend $100 in CapEx in December of this year. Tell me how this impacts the B/S, IS and CFS for this year and next year.

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Tell me about a time when you had to work long hours to finish a project. How did you handle it.

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All of them were difficult. They are all about: "Tell me a time when (something) happened, and what did you do about it?

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Why was I willing to take such a decrease in salary.

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What books do you read?

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What have you had to do for a customer to make him happy?

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What metrics would you use to measure success of a specific Amazon project? (Can be quantitative or qualitative, and I used one of the leadership principles as a success metric)

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How can I relate my skills with the Fin. Analyst position.

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