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Do you know what SFG does?

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I explained to them a simplified answer that I got straight from investopedia: SFG deals mostly with CDOs (collateralized debt obligations). Basically how a CDO works is that it starts with a local bank lending out money (loans) to customers to pay down their home or cars. That local bank takes all these loans and sells them to an investment bank, who restructures the loans into different traunches (with different levels of risk) before reselling them to investors. SFG analyzes the risk associated with these loans.

They asked some basic interview questions. The part I liked was that they handed me a set of 20 multiple-choice questions on basic accounting. They said it is their way of determining which team to assign new hires to. Part of the questions were: what are the two types of accounting methods? What type of account is accumulated depreciation?

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What do you think it takes to be successful at Moody's? (and follow up question: how do you have these skills?)

Typical interview questions plus questions about accounting experience.

Behavioral questions and sizing up your qualifications

Tell me about the work you have been doing for the past few years (Internal Auditor)?

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