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Can you give an example of a time where you had to multitask?

3 Answers

Have you looked into any other subsidiaries that are owned by Textron?

3 Answers

First phone screen: Print all the nodes of a tree in reverse level order (ie print all the nodes at the leaves first, then print the nodes on the level above the leaves, and then eventually work your way to the top).

4 Answers

What is a 1003?

3 Answers

Write a pgm to find out if call stack address is increasing or decreasing

3 Answers

write a wrapper fun for 32-byte aligned mem allocation

3 Answers

What is the difference between a person who mismanages debt and one who has excrutiating circumstances

2 Answers

Write a function to calculate build order given a project with a list of dependencies that also need to be built

3 Answers

Why do you want to work here as an admin. with a degree from Cornell?

2 Answers

Why don't you have a job? Why are you unemployed?

1 Answer