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where else did you apply to work?

1 Answer

said no where, they do not want people applying to finance jobs and using BB as a back up.

What is an interest rate? Who is the head of the Federal Reserve?

How would you design an algorithm to detect people using balance transfer? Give me an example when you deal with ambiguity in your daily work. Show me how you solve the problem. Walk me through a project that you're most proud of. What's the assumptions of Linear regression/GLM?

How would you assess if a coin is fair, if you flip it ten times and eight times the head was up

If you have two different scores and a column of the customer's actual response, e.g. default or not, how would you compare the two different scores?

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Pitch me your favorite app

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Q: What is something currently happening in the financial world? What about within commodities? Q: Give me a quick sales pitch about [ usually something related to your professional/academic experience]? Q: If a company has a terminal not in use and decide to purchase another user, do you notify the company that their is a terminal not in use, or do you just go along with the sale? Q: How would you pitch to someone to use this expensive terminal? What are the main benefits of the terminal? Q: What are your thought's on Mr. Bloomberg's company changes

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