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Is there any algorithm to verify whether a linked list is circular or not?

2 Answers

Start from the head of the Linked List. Store this head in a reference (in Java) or pointer (in C, C++). At every node check if next is pointing to the same location as that of the temporary reference or pointer of the head. If yes, stop and declare "Circular". Else if the next is null, stop and declare "Not Circular". Else if next is not same as head and is not null, repeat the same process on that next node.

We maintain two pointers initialized to the head of the Linked list. Name the two pointers as slow and fast. Slow pointer is advanced once at each step and the faster pointer is advanced twice at each step. If the two pointers meets i.e. points to the same node in the list at some point of time, there is a loop in the list or else if the fast pointer reaches the end of list without overlapping with the slow pointer, then the Linked list is loop free.

If you like programming, why didn't your go for a CS degree in college?

1 Answer

Suppose there is a building with 25 floors. If n-1 people enter an elevator and press a floor button. What is the probability that when the nth person enters, the 19th floor has already been pressed?

2 Answers

What is a hash table? How to store integers efficiently using hash table? How do you invert an integer digit by digit?

how to delete an assigned num in a linklist (it might not in the linklist, or it may repeat occuring)

The phone interview is pretty easy. The on-site one is more technical and they did ask some concept that I did not know of.

All questions are based upon core C++ concepts. Be prepared to make changes to your code as per the requirements of the interviewers. Make sure you practice writing code on paper as it is totally different from writing code on the computer. Also do not underestimate the non- technical questions as they do give equal weight to them as well.

No difficult question. 1) Design Web Browser Cache 2) Tree Traversal 3) Reconstruct the Binary Tree through In-order and Post-order traversal Some behavior question such like why Bloomberg, Why you are fit for the position.