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What made you decide to join audit

1 Answer

I felt as if it fit my personality better

If you were going to try to underpay your payroll tax, how would you book the transactions on your system? If you were an auditor, how would you find out if the company was underpaying?

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Something like "If it costs .02 cents to print up a mailer and .20 cents to mail it and each marketing lead costs .001 cents but we can buy a list that should give is a 1.5% response rate and of those we will land 1% and they will carry and average balance of $1,000 for the year and we earn 10% on that is it better to buy the list or purchase the leads.

1 Answer

Senior Manager at on-site interview start the interview by asking me about current economic and market news. Which is a little surprise for an audit entry level position.

All the questions were easy depends if the hiring manager likes you or not

The questions were not difficult and the people were easy to talk to.

Tell me about one time you solved a problem creatively

Name an example when you dealt with a conflict in a group project.

The case study was the most difficult part of the in person interview. It definitely helped to do some practice case studies before hand.

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