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This isnt a question, but more about what happened. I get there and the hiring manager was this short and creepy man who was hitting on me THE ENTIRE TIME. He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend, what my twitter name was and wanted me to follow him on it. He talked about how he was an "Innovator", "Intrapreneur" "Renaissance Trail Blazer". I dont know what the last two mean.

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His name on twitter is ACQTRAILBLAZER

What's your name?

Mohammad Schultz

What is a yield curve? Under what circumstances would this curve be inverted?

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Full walk-through of a valuation of a theoretical company

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Would you be available at 2:00 on Thursday for a phone interview?

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If you could look at only one ratio to give a loan what ratio would you look at?

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Why Regions Bank?

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Kept asking about proprietary information about my current job.

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How would you maintain profitability at a top end. How would you maintain profitability for your company at a low end?

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Where would you locate the factory for Lemon and Lime and what investment analysis was used to reach this conclusion?

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How would you save money if the Ambassador said the Embassy needs to cut 10% off the budget?

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