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Easiest question (I forgot all the harder ones). Implement mergesort and provide the running time if you have access to k computers (distributed computing)

1 Answer

split n number to k groups and sort each group of n/k number on one of the k machines: O((n/k)*log(n/k)) For the k groups, merge them pair by pair, i. e. merge every two groups and end up with k/2 groups, repeat and end up with k/4 groups, so on and so forth: O((n/k) * log(n/k)) So over all O((n/k)log(n/k)).

Write a function to calculate e^x, need to convert e^x to 1 + x + x2/2! + x3/3! + x4/4! + x5/5! + x6/6! + x7/7! + x8/8! + x9/9! + x10/10! + x11/11!+ ...

phone interview was more technical than the in person.

What is polymorphism?

1 Answer

Given two strings, return a string with characters that appear in either one string.

1. Why do you think you're a good fit for BlackRock and why did you apply to the specific division? 2. Why did you choose your academic area of study and how do you believe it will help you in your future career?

a few quick math questions (told most people miss them) not difficult, just focus, and don't fall into the traps i.e. stock went up 10% today, down 10% tomorrow , what is holding period return?

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