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Easiest question (I forgot all the harder ones). Implement mergesort and provide the running time if you have access to k computers (distributed computing)

1 Answer

split n number to k groups and sort each group of n/k number on one of the k machines: O((n/k)*log(n/k)) For the k groups, merge them pair by pair, i. e. merge every two groups and end up with k/2 groups, repeat and end up with k/4 groups, so on and so forth: O((n/k) * log(n/k)) So over all O((n/k)log(n/k)).

Give examples of runtime and complied time polymorphism in C++ or Java

Number of multiplication operations when multiplying two matrices

1 Answer

a few quick math questions (told most people miss them) not difficult, just focus, and don't fall into the traps i.e. stock went up 10% today, down 10% tomorrow , what is holding period return?

1 Answer

Write a function to calculate e^x, need to convert e^x to 1 + x + x2/2! + x3/3! + x4/4! + x5/5! + x6/6! + x7/7! + x8/8! + x9/9! + x10/10! + x11/11!+ ...

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