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Pretend 1% of the population has a disease. You have a test that determines if you have that disease, but it's only 80% accurate and 20% of the time you get a false positive, how likely is it you have the disease.

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divide by reciprocal, multiply by .8% = 1%

[1] Fact: 1% of the population has the disease (given) [2] Data: Test is only 80% accurate, and 20% inaccuarate (given): Assume, Population = 10,000 people 1% have the disease = 100 people 99% do not have the disease = 9,900 people Of the 1% who have the disease 80% tested +ve = 80 Of the 99% who don't have the disease 20 tested +ve = 1980 [3] Question: How likely is it that you have the disease? To identify that you have the disease you have to test +ve and actually have the disease = 80 / (80+1980) = 80 / 2060 = 3.88%

Describe how you handled a difficult client or an argument with a co-worker

A technical question revolved around probability. Don't exactly remember.

What are ways you can bring improvement to the role/process?

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It was mostly behavioral, as well as a few that targeted my specific area of finance. Not bad.

Tell me about a time where you used data analytics to solve a problem.

Tell me about some of the projects you worked on at your previous company and how they would help you in your role here at Branch.

What are your three negative and positive traits?

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