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Q. Please describe a time when you had to make a quick and difficult decision while at work.

1 Answer

Basic questions about experience initially. Once you meet with a manager, a more in depth, job specific interview is done. Again, the basic questions are asked and if you are experienced, you shouldn't have a problem. The culture is very good and most managers are really nice.

None, personality and experience question only

Most questions were conversational, including what's your advantage in sales driven working environment, and do you have local contacts here you can reach out, if not, how fast can you build up your client list.

past job experience. qualities i have that i can be successful.

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Inevitably at least one of the employees who interviews you will uncover something you don't know, no matter how prepared you have been.

What makes you interested in P&M and this particular position?

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Asked me about my family, their retirement goals. Asked about my network and what I'm interested in for future career goals.

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