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Why do you want to work at Capital Group?

2 Answers

Recruiter is listening for key words here; do your homework on the company's mission statement, etc.

there is no mission statement. be aware of the culture - they lap that up. focus on consistency, integrity, respect for the individual, the focus on service to customers that the company has. and how they have low turn over, so clearly this is a place people feel comfortable staying for the long haul. this might change now, given that they have laid off 1300 people in the last 18-24 months...

Tell me about a time when you promised a customer something you couldn't deliver or that was bad for the company.

1 Answer

What would you do when you have a deadline to meet and you need some co-workers on another team to get something done for you.

1 Answer

The interviewers spent most of the time talking, and asked few questions. At the end of each interview, the interviewers asked me if I had any questions for them.

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What have you done in previous roles that makes you a good candidate for this role

What are some things you would consider when building a store besides location?

Describe a time you used data to inform a decision.

If I gave you a million dollars what would you do with it?

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