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They want very specific examples to all questions. Q. Why are you interested in this role/why fidelity? Q. What motivates you in finance? Q. What do you know about the series 7 and 63 licenses? Q. Specific example of when you had to study for something difficult. Other licenses or tests, how you studied, what you did that helped. Q. Example of when you received excellent customer service. Q. How you handled an upset customer. Q. How you went above and beyond to help a customer and what the result was. Q. Consultative approach with a customer, when they want something that isnt in their best interest. These are all the questions I can remember from all 3 interviews.

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More of a question... I am guessing your online interview was through HireVue? I received the same offer and I am trying to prepare for the online interview. You said you listed all the questions you remembered from the interviews, do you think you could remember the few that asked in the HireVue so that I may tailor my answers to the prerecorded ones?

Yes, my screening interview was through hirevue. It consisted of 10 questions (if i remember right). I just used the app and did it on my phone. I believe they asked these questions: Why are you interested in this role/finance/fidelity (something along those lines just prepare an answer for any of thsoe)? Describe to me what you know about the series 7 & 63 licenses and why you need them. Describe a time you had to study for something difficult, how you studied for it, how well you did, and what you would do differently. What tools do you use to follow the stock market? Describe a time when you had to use a consultative approach with a customer. Finra does an extensive background check, is there anything you would like to disclose or warn us about that might appear on your record before conducting the background check? Thats at least 6 of the questions.. They want very specific examples so I wrote down a bunch of possible questions and preparedy examples which helped a lot.

More of a comment, but thank you very much for the detailed answer and for remembering the interview questions. I'll try to do the same during my interview so others are well prepared. Cheers!

There was no real questions as all these financial companies want financial advisors or sales reps because they do not cost them a cent . Free labor with no benefits! A heck of a business model. Whomever came up with the concept should be giving a Nobel price by rendering useless the idea that people should demand wages for a job.

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Try to research the Meyers Briggs, this should help and prepare for several behavioral interview questions focusing on customer service experiences. Make sure you prepare... Good luck!

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Who would you contact first if you were to get the job?

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The 40 references was the hardest part, asking you friends and family for money essentially.

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Nothing important or critical to the job. It's all personal and leading questions designed to figure you out and "qualify" you. It's a sales pitch from the word go.

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They wanted to know about my credit history. They asked if I had an insurance license, which I did. They wanted to know which life insurance companies I have sold for. They wanted to know which type of coverage I mainly sold--whole life, term, fixed securities, or universal life. They asked about my health insurance business such as who I was contracted with. They told me I do not have to sale securities and get my Series 6 or Series 7 license unless I wanted to. They wanted to know if I had a LLC or if I was an officer or director of a corporation. They told me that everyone has to fill our the Form U-4 to disclose all outside association memberships and/or business activities including your complete ten (10) year employment history with all 1099 independent contractor activity of any kind--absolutely no gaps in employment--fill in any unemployment periods too..

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Tell me about yourself

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How much would you like to make in your first year with us?

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Do you like money? Are you ready to work harder than you have in your whole life? Do you have any inhibitions?

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