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Try to research the Meyers Briggs, this should help and prepare for several behavioral interview questions focusing on customer service experiences. Make sure you prepare... Good luck!

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Hey I heard you have to work on call and can't go out of town even if you aren't scheduled to work that day. Is that true?

Don't know, I hope not...

No thats not true. At least I never ran into that.

There was no real questions as all these financial companies want financial advisors or sales reps because they do not cost them a cent . Free labor with no benefits! A heck of a business model. Whomever came up with the concept should be giving a Nobel price by rendering useless the idea that people should demand wages for a job.

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The brain teaser: You have 9 rubber balls, and a scale. One of the rubber balls is weighted less than the others. You can use the scale twice. How do you find which ball is weighted differently?

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Tell me about yourself

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Do you want the postion?

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How big is your natural market?

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can you sell insurance without a license ?

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How will you grow your book of business?

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How have you in the past encouraged a co-worker that was not putting in the effort required to help the team be successful?

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Are you comfortable competing with others

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