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very basic questions for 30 minutes. first question what do you do? second question why you are looking? third question what about salary requirements?

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answer to first question was i worked xx years in finance. answer to second question is looking for a challenge. response to third question is market rate.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

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Why are you leaving your current job?

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1) Tell me about yourself 2) What do you look for when crating a DB?

Define versatility, integrity, and leadership. Describe a situation where you've exhibited each of these qualities.

Not any unexpected question. Only behavior question plus why you interested in the position.

How does your experience apply to this job? Describe a time you had to shift your priorities to complete a task. How did you meet all your deadlines? They also asked about process improvement projects. Just make sure to know your resume. I made sure to have at least 5-10 examples from each job I had, showcasing my ability to managed my time, successful process improvement projects, and forecasting and analyzing financial statements.

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Every review I read online, provided a different experience. Not one applied to the actual interview; however, you meet with the HR analyst and the departmental head. The department head sets the tone for the interview, and with 23 campus, I'm sure each one is different.

Describe a time you were unqualified for a project or task

Questions were focused on my experience and how it fit with the role I was interviewing for. It was relaxed and very straight forward. No odd or behavioral based questions.

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