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Efficient way to compute p^q, where q is an integer

2 Answers

Iteratively use p = n(p,q/2)^2

The correct answer to efficiently calculate actually gives you a O(logn) runtime. Here is the code in python: def powlogn(p, q): if q < 0: return powlogn(1/p, -q) elif q == 0: return 1 elif q == 1: return p elif q%2: return p * powlogn(p*p, (q-1)/2) else: return powlogn(p*p, q/2)

Brain Teaser: Blindfolded. In a room with 8 coins. What is the minimum number of flips required to guarantee that one of the permutations had all coins with the same side?

4 Answers

Why do you want to work in this financial institution versus working in a pure software company like Microsoft, etc?

1 Answer

Write code to multiply two matrices.

2 Answers

scope of variables in C++, difference between pass by value/reference/pointer

Some basic logic puzzles, probability. General programming questions

Given some coins, how do u flip them to make sure all the coin have the same sides. Some basic knowledge on distributed system.

What is a futex ? How can you parse a sentence in English (compilers) ?

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