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Difference between and abstract class and an interface

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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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even though knowing that i was from Electrical Engineering background they kept asking me core computer science algorithms which i didn't had much answer to. I don't remember exactly the questions but it was some hardcore algorithm they wanted me to come up with.

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How OS identify how much DDR is there?

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How many pins in a JTAG cable?

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You are in one room with three light switches, only one of which controls a light in another room. All the switches are in the off positiona and the light is currently off. You have one opportunity to observe the light in the other room. How do you determine which switch controls it?

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Technical C programming and logic questions.

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how do u pass Variable number of arguments in C?

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Bit checking a 32 bit number, recursive searching of binary trees. Writing unit tests for simple code algorithms. After writing code, was asked to optimize it. All questions were C. Also, they wanted details about my Sr. project (which was FW for an embedded system).

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What is an interface?

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