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how are interrupts working? how to handle if there are two interrupts coming and if the system stops, what will happen about the interrupts?

Even though this job did not indicate a working knowledge of electromechanical devices, such as motors, be prepared for it. Many code writers do not have experience in this area.

Describe a work situation where you responded emotionally.

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Basic processor peripherals, block diagrams, fundamental concepts. No design questions requiring "real-time" problem solution, complex math, or anything sophisticated.

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For the telephonic round, write a program in C to implement dynamic multi-dimensional array. For the on-site round, they asked simple programming questions in C - How to optimize a given sample program - Find errors in a sample program - Structure memory alignment - Given a linked list, sort the nodes into odd and even linked lists.

Longer coding challenge, spend 4-6 hours, write a program that takes packed binary values and manipulates them.

Write a routine that refactors a linked list into two lists, odd/even based upon a data value.

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