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Put a car ECU down and asked me how i would go about getting information about the device and working with it.

Code a linked list

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What is the most interesting thing you have done?

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What is the most important aspect of developing software?

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Hardest part of the interview was the impromptu technical questions. Not necessarily hard but kinda puts you out of your comfort zone. I haven't done any Firmware development for Hard Drive/ SSD components so everything was *new* to me. Overall, I did "OK".

Describe why OFDM works as well as it does. Describe QAM modulation and the effects of channel offsets

Coding exercises, general electronic questions, general firmware questions

What are your expectations for next 5 years?

you have 50 white balls and red balls. you want to distribute them such that it maximizes your chance of picking a red ball when you select one randomly.

background and personal questions that are questionable

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