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Manassas Park City Schools
Directeur Logistique Centre Et Rhône-Alpes was asked...June 9, 2013

How would you implement a reading program, inclusion or pullout; discuss how you would justify your rationale and give examples from your work experiences. this was not difficult to me, it was just the most difficult of the ones asked.

1 Answers

I would use an eclectic combination of both, as each learner needs are different. Pull out instruction works best for students who have distractibility issues and severe learning disabilities. It offers more 1-1 tutoring and intervention methods. Inclusion allows the student to have exposure to regular classroom content and also provides whole group instruction in the regular classroom for reading strategies and other intervention methodology to be modeled for all learners and facilitators. Less


"Great news! I'd like to interview you for the PA to CEO role here at Symless. Before the interview, I'll need you to record a quick 60 second video (you can do this from your phone). In the video, tell us about a specific time which shows you really shining as a PA, demonstrating how crucial you are to your current CEO (or someone that you've been assisting). When you're done, upload it to YouTube. Set the sharing settings to unlisted so only I can watch it."

6 Answers

I uploaded my video same day and received an acknowledgement and that I would hear back in 7 days. I emailed to ask when my interview would be as I wanted to go on a trip and didn't want to miss out. No response received. Very impersonal and arrogant approach. Less

Agreed very arrogant approach

I had the same situation. Very unprofessional company

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Air Transport International

They put you an scenario with a crew layover with a party and drinks at the hotel. Next day at the Airport one of the flight attendant is apparently drunk and no fit for flight. What do you do as a First Officer ?

4 Answers

Right answer is stop the flight.

It’s a regular occurrence and no one seems to care.

It’s a regular occurrence. Guaranteed nobody cares. go directly to FAA.

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WinCo Foods

do you party? what's your sighn? HOW FAR IS MARS? can your fold me like oragami?

4 Answers

yeppers. pickles. 242.62 million mi. yeppers!

No I do not party . My sighn is 🤔

Mars is 54.6 millions of kilometres away from earth

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Intex Technologies

What the role of previous company

4 Answers

My role is supervise the line employee...


Finally team leader

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Public Storage

Are you willing to work out in the elements? (Cleaning, sewwping, taking out trashes...etc)?

3 Answers

Yes, I am



DHL Supply Chain

porque a DHL deve te contratar, 2 qualidades e 2 qualidades a ser melhoradas.

3 Answers

DHL deve me contratar, pois, sou uma pessoa bem organizada e com uma grande facilidade de trabalhar em equipe, 2 qualidades ( facilidade de trabalhar em equipe e gostar de ambiente desafiadores) 2 a melhorar, um pouco da minha timidez e vergonha de expressar meus pensamentos diante de mais pessoas. Less

Sou responsável, organizada e tenho facilidade pra trabalhar em equipe. Sei ligar com pressão,tenho equilíbrio para resolver problemas e a melhor maneira e ter a calma,saber ouvir entender pra resolver. A melhorar?tenho dificuldade de falar em público sou um pouco vergonhosa, porém tenho ousadia e não permito e q esse defeito me defina,sempre aprendendo e melhorando todos os dias. Less

Sou pontual e calmo,perde a timidez e ter um bom relacionamento

Dell Technologies

how can u delete a node from a linked list using a single pointer

3 Answers

refer geeksforgeeks for the answer

Il suffit de sélection la partie que tu veux suprême et tu fait le cliquer gauche sur la partie et tu suprême Less

umm..i dont understand ur language


Why did you choose kennywood

3 Answers

I like seeing person happy and joy there day.

Fun day to.

I love when they won too

Freedom Mortgage

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

3 Answers

Upper management

Not with Freedom ! Lol. They are and abusers!!

Only way you are going to get into management is if you are family members with someone already in management or friends with someone in management. Less

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