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Do you have sales experience?

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There were no really tough questions. Very basic experience questions and a "why do you want to work at Gold"s Gym" question.

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Why did you chose to apply with Gold's Gym?

The district manager did most of the talking and did not ask very many questions. It felt as if he really wanted me to work there and the job was mine for the taking. The most difficult question he did ask was if I would be willing to drop out of college and work full time. He explained that a "street" education was more valuable and That I would learn a lot more about running a business by working there than any college degree could give me.

If you could be any food in your fridge what would you be and why

What experience do you have in the sales position?

If you could be any fruit, what fruit would you be?

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Do you have experience in sales?

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Why do you want to do this job what experience do you have that would qualify you for this position why do you think you would be good in this role The impression that I got was that they wore more trying to feel out my personality than anything else.

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