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National Health Educators
Personal Fitness Management Specialist was asked...October 19, 2015

Resume with educational/work experience Survey/questionnaire to clarify which areas of fitness/nutrition/health I am most familiar with and how I have learned these things. I will also need to have a passing score for their Master Trainer exam.

3 Answers

A friend of mine passed on the initial try. She said it wasn't that hard so I will try it. Their goal seems to be to weed out people with a weekend certification and little or no personal training experience. Less

How about a 4 year degree and 20 years in the Fitness industry as a personal trainer in a clinical setting? Good luck on the test.... but do your research. The company is not well known in the fitness industry at all..... and can therefore not take the stance that is a reputable certification. The information you will find on NHE is limited, at best.... And based on several findings, is likely nothing more than a scam in which they make money off of people who want a job that is "too good to be true" and who opt to buy the study guide. Then they send people out who tell you that you must not know the information if you buy the study guide (which is crap. Who doesn't study before a test? Especially in an industry where many different certifying bodies have a different standpoint on certain subject matters, and where new findings on nutrition and fitness practices are often being found? But I digress.). The fact is, the test is designed for even the most studied & seasoned fitness professional to fail. But those who run the company have taken the proper steps to create enough doubt that people will still continue to go through the work of applying, will continue to pay for the study guide, and who will continue to fail the test. So for those who move forward with this company because of an email they rec'd, I simply suggest you do ample research before wasting your time. And I don't mean on glassdoor. I mean, find qualitative evidence that this company is who it claims to be by researching the CEO, looking for it on the Better Business Bureau site, and even looking into where its main office is located. Simple things that will make you think twice..... and may just save you some of your invaluable time. Less

230 questions, 3 hours (180 minutes) and mostly short answer/essay form questions (there were also t/f and fill-in questions, but not many). There are 7 sections, all of which must be queued one at a time (which takes time away from the exam) and then you must fill out your name/email. Time does not stop for these things, giving less than 47 seconds to thoroughly answer a question (not enough time for essay questions, in my opinion). If you are a fast typer, and are able to be succinct in your wording, then maybe you stand a chance of passing. I purchased the study guide and it was inapplicable to my test in many ways, so I don't suggest spending the money on it (save your $200 for something you'll use!). Less

The most difficult question was being asked to do a 'working interview' for 3 hours, for free.

2 Answers

Yes! I said yes and, in the long run, it paid off.

Yes. It’s important to see if you and gym are a good fit and it feels comfortable Less

LA Fitness

Why do you want to teach group fitness classes?

2 Answers

Fitness is my passion and knowing that my students will continue to learn new fitness dance and keep them motivated and they will achieve there goals in life. Less

I have a passion for fitness. After a serious knee injury the only thing the doctor would allow me to do was cycle. I would go into the cycling room and practice my old routines from when I taught classes in college. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed teaching, and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Less


are you confident in your skills working with upscale market?

2 Answers

I explained my background in fitness and said yes, I was. I work in settings with people like the ones in sites managed by this company. Less

Yes, very much. I just need the opportunity to fly like an eagle.

Girls Inc

1. What types of challenges might a middle school girl go through academically and personally? and How would you help her face those challenges? 2. What drawn you to work for this program? 3. What are the benefits of an all girl organization? 4. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 5. What types of barriers or challenges do middle school girls go through today? 6. Describe any experiences you have dealt with personally, socially, or academically with peers, youth, or adults Many scenario questions.

2 Answers

a middle school girl may face academic difficulties with math, reading, writing since the academic responsibilities get bigger at that age and I can help by offering individual help when I can or grouping her with a more advanced peer who can help her provided they work well together. Personally she can go through issues about fitting in socially or her body image and I can help by letting her know that if she shouldn't try to be like what she sees in magazines and movies because real people normally don't fit that image she should focus on eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. Socially I make it clear that being unkind to peers just to fit in is unacceptable she should instead be a role model and show kindness because it make you more accepting in the long run Less

one benefit of an all girl organization would be when girls are around other girls they may be more comfortable to discuss issues that affect girls without feeling pressure to hold back which may happen if there were boys for fear of being made fun of Less


Where do you see yourself in one year in the company?

2 Answers

Why did you choice UFC Gym?

I see my self in a better position than before I started, more confidence, and closer to everyone, with a better experience with the position, then I can make better decisions, better experience, and better results by teamwork, which definitely leads the gym to achieve more goals and more members. Less


Have you viewed our website?

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What are your certifications?

2 Answers

I answered his question but he had my resume right in front of him the whole interview which clearly had all of my certifications listed. Less

Same happened to me in Richmond. Director position became director "in training", but then placed down to trainer for same reasons. Didn't stay at company long for bait and switch tactics which show they don't care about their employees. Less

Planet Fitness

Can you work at 6 am how long have you a trainer

2 Answers

Yes I have trained over 15 years

Yes and 3 years at the time

24 Hour Fitness

How would you deal with individuals that disrupt your class?

2 Answers

Don't interrupt your teaching to deal with it

Deal with low-level disruptions by using positive language.

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