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You sell a product for $1,000 in october. You recieve $500 in october and $500 in november. How do you recognize the sale?

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Warning: this is a very detailed answer- you will not be expected to provide this level of detail- you just need to know to recognize half in october and half in november October: Debit-Cash-$500 Debit- Accounts Recievable- $500 Credit-Revenue- $1,000 November: Debit-Cash:$500 Credit- Account Recievable- $500

I think $1000 should be recognised even before any cash is received based on the acrual concept of accounting. If u recognise income based on cash receipt then thats a cash basis which is not allowed under GAAP.

When you sell the product you debit A/R $1000 and credit Sales $1000 in October. When you receive payment in Octover you debit cash $500 and credit A/R $550, then when you collect $500 in Nov Debit Cash and Credit A/R $500 each.

You buy machinary for $10,000. It has a useful life of 5yrs and $5,000 salvage value. What is your depreciation expense

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tell me about a time where you had a conflict with someone you were managing and it did NOT have a good outcome? What would you have done differently?

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Talk about the main financial statements. Which of the statements do you find most important/useful and why?

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Why are you interested in the FLD program?

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What would you do with the money that was left over after checking the 10K statement and the income statement?

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What primary factors would you look at to determine the amount/percentage of raise to give to the employees?

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What are the 3 financial statements and tell me how one applies to the others

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What is a hurdle rate?

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How do you use statistics in financial planning?

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