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Flight attendant bilingual Interview Questions


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1.What would mike you a good (ideal) for the flight attendant position with United?

12 Answers

Were you interviewed in the other language you speak too, or just English?

Reliable and passionate for work

has anyone has trouble getting to the Video Interveiw? everytime i click the link in the email it says ACCESS DENIED.. can someone please help!!

Tell me a time you wished ou had done something differently

12 Answers

Read a statement aloud: Meine Damen und Herren, ....

8 Answers

Why do you believe you’d make a good flight attendant?

7 Answers

In your language, tell us how your language would help you to become a flight attendant?

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6.What else do you know United to know about you?

6 Answers

What would you do if you saw a crew member stealing? How would you handle a situation in which two customers were arguing about the seat being back too far? Talk about a time you went above and beyond on the job? Talk about a time you had to adapt to change? What would you do if there were things missing in the inventory but getting them would cause a delay. ( These are summed up from my memory )

4 Answers

(in italian) how will your second language help you in the flight attendant position?

4 Answers

why do you want to be flight attendant

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Literally exactly what other people have listed on here. Just look for the most recent ones.

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