Flight attendant Interview Questions

Flight attendant Interview Questions

Employers interviewing to hire flight attendants are foremost looking for candidates with superb customer service skills. Be ready to answer a majority of situational questions that will assess your interpersonal skills and conflict resolution abilities, such as handling an upset or anxious passenger, an unmotivated coworker, or a tense emergency situation.

Flight attendant Interview Questions

Flight attendant Interview Questions

Employers interviewing to hire flight attendants are foremost looking for candidates with superb customer service skills. Be ready to answer a majority of situational questions that will assess your interpersonal skills and conflict resolution abilities, such as handling an upset or anxious passenger, an unmotivated coworker, or a tense emergency situation.

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Flight Attendant Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three of the top flight attendant interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: This job involves a lot of time away from family and friends. How would you handle this?

How to answer:The hiring manager is evaluating whether your attitude and soft skills suit the job duties. Handle this question by showing key competencies from your work experience, such as independence, motivation, and adaptability. For instance, talk about working long-haul flights with different cabin crews, connecting remotely with your family and friends, and enjoying your flight attendant job.

Question #2: A passenger wants a different seat because they do not want to sit with the person next to them. How do you handle this?

How to answer: An efficient flight attendant improves the experience and safety of customers. Show the hiring manager that you can use your customer service, communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills to achieve this. Talk about empathizing with the customer, looking for a suitable seat, and enabling them to change seats.

Question #3: A customer is refusing to follow the rules. How do you handle this?

How to answer: The hiring manager is evaluating your problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, as well as your dependability. Handle this situational question by proposing a strategy that includes using your active listening, verbal communication, and empathy skills to de-escalate the situation and calm the client. Also, propose communicating the importance of obeying the rules and helping the customer to understand how they affect their safety and the safety of others.

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ExpressJet Airlines
Flight Attendant was asked...September 16, 2012

Situation: If you were working and there was a passenger complaining about sitting next to someone of a different race, how would you handle it?

8 Answers

I would kindly pull them aside and connect with the passenger and say you know I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and if there was a way I could change your seat I would but can I offer you something to drink or a snack ? Less

Change their seats if there are some available

One I would ask if there is a problem bc 9/10 times they’re not just going to be openly racist in front of them . If there is a better seat ask the person they are complaining about if they would like to move , if not let them know I understand and unfortunately there are no open seats at this time then ask if there is a snack or drink I could get them. Less

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US Airways

Tell me about a time when your job was frustrating and what did you do about it?

5 Answers

At this situation, I first calm down and try to control the passenger

How long does it take to get the F2F?

I like to handle things in a calm and gentle as I can. I normally don’t like drama and I would always address things in a respectable manner to ensure everyone’s safety. for example if someone was drunk on the plane, I would offer them water and make sure they kept hydrated, give them a hot towel and say I’m sure this happens to everyone and that is ok. Let’s get you comfortable and to ensure that you feel better as soon as possible. Less

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Delta Air Lines

Create a PA Announcement for couple celebrating their 50th year anniversary

251 Answers

Describe a conflict that you had with a manager, how did you handle it? How was it resolved? The Situation my co-workers and I were participating in a training exercise I was being tested along with others on giving intramuscular injections. The Task I had to do was to give a patient a shot intramuscularly, and I thought I did well. But my manager said although I injected correctly my technique was wrong. I was embarrassed and hurt by the comment she’d made in front of my co-workers. The Action after training exercise had ended I asked if I could speak with her privately, she agreed. I explained to her I felt embarrassment and hurt by what she said and how she said it in front of my peers, she explained she didn’t intentionally mean to hurt or embarrass me in front of my peers she was just trying to make a bold statement in order to teach my peers and myself the importance of good safety practices. I listened and understood what she had to say and it made sense. I asked her what I could do to get my technique better she gave a few pointers. The Result was the next time that I gave the injection she was there to observe and she said it was perfect. Less

Hello guys!! just wanted to share something with you all. i recently interviewed with delta and was given a conditional job offer pending a background check in mid sept 2015.. Never give up just keep studying and researching the interview process. it took me three times to finally be offered a position. I know it can be nerve racking but, if this is something you really want you'll never let a couple of rejections get in your way. there looking for someone energetic and outgoing, this was an obstacle for me because ive always been somewhat of an introvert . just practice in a mirror!! the introduction part of the process is very important you have to be able to talk in front of a crowd. my advice to you is to keep a smile on your face at all times even, when others arent smiling it will make you stand out ,study the star method, talk to as many of the flight attendants and HR people as possible, Make sure you memorize at least 5 questions to ask them (even if you have to ask them all the same questions atleast ur showing effort and interest), dress professionally and neatly, practice ur posture and most importantly stay calm, cool and collected!! if youve had an interview and failed the first time or second time take a page from my book and try again. And, if this is ur first go at it i wish you the best!! Less

Is anyone going oct 13th at 12:30?

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American Airlines

It was mainly situationals and behavioral questions.

139 Answers

Just took the VI and these are the questions I received. I hope this helps someone! -Tell us about your current work experience and how it's prepared you to be a flight attendant. -Describe a time you dealt with an upset customer and how you handled it What excites you about moving to a new city? Describe your best customer service experience you received. Can you adhere to the no tattoos, piercing, or extreme hairstyle policy? What made you want be a flight attendant with American? Less

Chantelle so many on Fb! Where you from?

Looking forward to join the flight attendant group on Facebook, I've done my VI interview now waitting on F2F. Gerald Jean Deon on Facebook. Less

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Delta Air Lines

Two separate personality assessments

86 Answers

hi I filled out my application on the 25th and did the 2 assessments and filled out the extremely detailed application also. i haven't heard anything back from them yet either. Good Luck to you, keep us updated on the process and I will do the same. Less

I also applied under employee referral. I think that when you do that, they automatically send the assessments as I completed the entire process in less than an hour. Good luck everyone! Less

I also applied for this position , July 27 th without a referral , I did 2 personality assessment my status says under review haven't heard anything from them ... Sending positive thoughts and energy out there !! We will get the job !!!!! Less

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Delta Air Lines

What qualifications and experience do you posess that would make you a good fit for this position?

85 Answers

Me too!!! 7:30?

Thank you so much for posting the phone interview questions, you're the only one who has! Good luck with your face to face!! I have my phone interview tomorrow, I hope I get invited to a face to face too. Less

Good luck!! Keep us updated, maybe we'll see you in Atlanta!

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Delta Air Lines

Hey! Just went to the delta website to check my status and it is now under "Archived" but still showing " Under Review". Is that good or bad??

73 Answers

Ok that's good to know!!

You see a coworker taking items from the plane inventory. You are the only one who sees them doing this. What do you do in this situation? Describe a time you had to adapt to new information in a situation. What was the situation? What was the outcome? You notice you are missing items you need for your inflight service. Requesting these items will delay the flight. What do you do? You are walking to the front of the plane and hear two passengers arguing. What do you do? You hear two co-workers gossiping about another co-worker on the plane. You are pretty sure passengers can hear what they are saying. What do you do? Less

page 2 some how posted before i finished anyone know how long it will take to receive that email? I really stress out on VI Interviews. Good Luck to everyone, I wish you all the best of luck Less

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United Airlines

I don't remember all the interview question

63 Answers

I also completed my video interview Monday, October 31 and am still waiting to hear back! It's made me so anxious and nervous that it's been over a week with no word, but reading other candidates feedback about the process taking some time I definitely feel a little more at ease. There were 5 interview questions, which I believe are all listed on here already. However, I'll still post the questions I was asked (not completely verbatim): 1. What experience do you have that would help you in flight attending? 2. How would you describe the United Airlines brand, and how would you represent it? 3. Talk about a time at work where you wish you would have handled something differently? 4. What was a difficult situation you had at work, and how did you respond to it? 5. Tell us anything else you would like us to know about you. Again, those questions aren't word-for-word, but they're the gist of what I was asked. Good luck to everyone!!! Less

Well I'm happy they gave me a second chance it took a week for them to answer me and decided to allow me to do a second video so happy at the beginning I practices a lot and make sure my fear and nervous was gone and I make believe I was talking to a person and look straight to the camera let's see what happen now Less

I did my VI and got and email 2 weeks and 3 days later with a invitation for f2f interview, so keep your head up as you wait patiently!! My f2f is tomorrow. Less

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Delta Air Lines

Give us an example of a choice you made to go above and beyond what was needed to satisfy a customer. What was the situation? What actions did you take and what were the results?

54 Answers

I don't know. This is my 1st time applying. However, I would suggest reading up on Delta Airlines as a whole on the website. Find out what their interests are in the world. Find out what their philanthropic interests are. Go to youtube and look at video footage. The questions you had on here may not be asked but the questions will be in the same format. Take your time in the meeting to gather your thoughts before answering, I read somewhere that they give you that time instead of say Ummm, and bumbling. Smile and be sociable from the time you get there with others. Good Luck to you. Less

Hello everyone!! Sorry I haven't been able to respond lately but, I started my process back in Nov. 2015.....completed my online video at the end of Dec 2015. I think they were having tech issues during the time I submitted my application though. I just rec'd a f2f this past Friday January 22, 2016. I have not rec'd a response for the date and time of my f2f yet. They give dates to select a preference of when you are available to interview and send it back via email. I didn't rec a phone call nor a email stating I would rec a phone call like some talked about. The online video was exactly as discribed on this post. Very accurate! I looked on this post to see the latest or most recent questions asked, sat down and typed out my experiences according to the questions posted here. I did this so I wouldn't forget or stumble over my words while on th actual online video. After that I practiced repeating my experiences I labeled each experience according to the questions.....name a time you went over and beyond for a customer, a time when you worked on a team and someone did not do his or her job what did you do and the outcome, discuss a time you worked with an employee that was difficult, what made them difficult and how did you overcome in that working relationship, what has been your most rewarding achievement and why, discuss a time you took initiative to satisfy a customers needs whiteout being asked to do so, what did you do and the outcome. I read here on the post to study the STAR Method when answering these questions so, I googled it and typed out my experiences according the STAR format which is an acronym on how to respond to these questions professionally and to the point so you don't have time to ramble. I read on this post that you only get 2-3 min per question so, I practiced recording myself first on my video cam on my laptop which will track your time and I reviewed it to make sure my tone, seating position, volume, lighting, background ( I sat in front of a nice picture and put a plant in my background to creat a office look) and dress was correct. I did dress as if I was physically AT THE INTERVIEW! Reading this post helped me tremendously. Everything discussed here was absolutely correct. I'm really thankful for this post I don't think I would have done as much to prepare. When reading this post I thought for a moment if this post was comprised of real people and actual interview experiences for FA and it really is and very accurate.....hope this helped everyone as it helped me....I will post my f2f interview date and time once I rec it and thanks to everyone for your support its very encouraging! Hope you rec your f2f interviews soon!! Less

Good luck at your f2f. It is an amazing experience. Typically they fly you down the day before. One suggestion I have is make sure you eat a breakfast before hand if you are in the early morning group. It is a long day to go on an empty stomach. I did mine back in July and I start training Feb 22. Just know that it is a process. Everything done is in stages. Your f2f day will be amazing. The best piece of advice that I can give to you is to JUST BE YOURSELF. When I was preparing for the face-to-face I read in a lot of posts that you're supposed to smile a lot. While it is true that you need to have a great disposition and friendly personality to be a flight attendant you should not be fake. Smile, but don't over do it. Be genuine. There was a girl at my f2f that was smiling the whole time. It looked like she had her smile held in place with hair spray. There is not need for that. You are assessed from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. So make sure you do interact and also it's important to be seen as personable gracious and accommodating. Also make sure you follow the directions to the letter. When they ask you to state your name what you do for a living where you're from etc. do exactly that and don't embellish. They have a process that works. They want to know that you can follow direction as well as think independently. More than anything as it sounds like you already have ,prepare prepare prepare. Read the questions on here and answer them based upon your own experience. And yes, they do want you to answer in STAR format. Make sure you dress the part too. Most of all if you don't get picked don't give up. Sometimes you have to apply two or three times as a friend of mine did. She now flies with Delta. Good luck and enjoy your day at Delta. 😊 Less

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Spirit Airlines

Describe the color yellow to somebody who's Blind?

54 Answers

Yellow is a bright color that fills a person with happiness and joy. It is a bright color that is on the light side of the color spectrum. It is the color of the sun that warms our skin. It is the color of the petals of the giant sunflower. It is the color of the canary that sings in the cage. It is a color that conveys optimism. Yellow is my favorite color. Less

My comment: Most of you are not thinking outside of colors and you don't know how to describe colors without using colors to describe it. For example, a blind person would not understand the concepts of light and bright. Many of you refer to the sun because we see it as yellow. Here is how I would answer: Yellow is like spring time. It is a light-hearted, happy color, it is the smell of flowers, the taste of citrus, it sounds like birds chirping. On the other hand there are deeper colors like green, blue, purple and brown. I would say that they smell like wood or cinnamon. They have a more serious personality and are like deep thinkers, but very calm. They sound like a deeper, masculine voice. Less

Yellow is an A sharp.

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