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What is your five year plan?

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Again, talked about dispatch goals. They broke the news that it was CS based. I was happy about this because of my experience but the damage was already done

How does your experience relate to the job description?

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First off they gave me around 30 minutes to take a quiz on dispatch questions. Then I was interviewed by HR, Head Dispatchers, and Manager all together. They all took turns asking me questions, first with asking questions about me, then "What would you do" situations in regards to HR and Dispatch. Then I was given a tour of the company.

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about dispatching?

Using the approach plate provided he asked me about 10 basic questions about mostly minimums, as well as ATC frequencies, lighting systems, etc.

If your aircraft was accidentally overfueled immediately before departure time, how would you handle the situation?

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Explain to me when you would use the one navaid or two navaid rule. Derive alternate minimums for a given airport using these rules.

What does Exemption 3585 allow us to do?

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