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Aria Logistics
Flight Dispatcher was asked...November 3, 2015

Aircraft types, literacy, maths and logic questions, baggage discrepancy scenarios.

1 Answers

Always ensure the bags being boarded on the aircraft comply with DfT Baggage Reconciliation measures - ie, that they match what's on the manifest. Do not accept any discrepancies. Less

Cirrus Aviation

Most positive experience with customer service

1 Answers

Became part of their wedding experience

Solairus Aviation

What experience do you have that would fit the job

1 Answers

Discussed experience and how I thought it fit into the job description.

Can you handle additional responsibilities than the stated ones?

1 Answers

Yes. Willing to.

Atlas Air Worldwide

If your aircraft was accidentally overfueled immediately before departure time, how would you handle the situation?

1 Answers

Happened to me in Guam Ask to offload extra fuel, no trucks available. Company said go to end of runaway burn it off . I offered the fuel to vendor free of charge, said he'll have a truck right there, looking back should have said 50 cents on the gallon and kept the difference. oh well, live and learn. Less

Air Canada

What is the role of a flight dispatcher?

1 Answers

To formulate the operational flight plan taking into account various factors, work with the pilots to solve operational issues relating to the flight before/during and to monitor flights for any changes that could impact it (alternate airports, airspace closures, weather, etc). Less

Collins Aerospace

How does your experience relate to the job description?

1 Answers

Based experience towards dispatching and teamwork to be inline with the job description. later learned they were looking for customer service, which I had 6 years experience and a degree in 🤷‍♀️ Less


Do you need some time to sort yourself out before you can come work for us?

1 Answers

No, I want to start as soon as possible.

GoJet Airlines

What does Exemption 3585 allow us to do?

1 Answers

Allows a flight to be dispatched when the weather at the destination airport at ETA is below minimums. (Could follow up with the long-winded explanation for the requirements at the first and second alternates if you know it, but I think this is all he was looking for). Less

GoJet Airlines

Explain to me when you would use the one navaid or two navaid rule. Derive alternate minimums for a given airport using these rules.

1 Answers

For an Alt with one navaid you raise whatever landing mins for that approach by 400 ft and 1 sm vis. For an ALT with 2 navaids you raise the highest Decision height of the 2 by 200 ft and the highest visibility of the 2 by 1/2 sm vis Less

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