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"A woman is buying shoes for her two year old daughter and is asking for help, after searching the shoe department you find the shoe size she needs isn't in stock, what would you do?"

7 Answers

I said I would have someone check the backroom, then I would call other targets in the area to see if they had the shoe size in stock. After giving these two answers I was asked "Then what would you do?" And I blanked. So I just said "if no other target nearby had it I would suggest possibly another store or area she could find it in" and that seemed to be enough but not quite what they were looking for.

I would say that I would check to see if we had them in the back, and if we didn't I would look on Target mobile to see if we could get them shipped here to the store or at their home.

"I said I would have someone check the backroom,"

What would you do if you observed another employee stealing candy from concessions? What about money from the cash register?

4 Answers

What would you do if you walked into the bathroom and someone was doing drugs?

5 Answers

Describe a situation where you needed to stick up for yourself

3 Answers

Tell about a problem and how you fixed it

2 Answers

why should we hire you?

3 Answers

Tell me about yourself, what is CTR, MTL, at what amount of MTL and CTR, your Strength, $65 Blackjack pay, explain table run-down step if the system is down, Bac card draw question, Blackjack hit or stand question,

3 Answers

Do you have open availability? Meaning are you available to be scheduled on weekends and called in mon-fri if needed.

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You seem quiet....does that mean you're dumb? I'll probably hire you. Do you think you're smart enough?

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Why did you apply online AND give a résumé?

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