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Timed business case challenge where the deliverable was a panel presentation describing the approach to launching a functional improvement initiative and a business development initiative.

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With limited time the "trick" is to use enough quantitative evidence to appear credible while reserving enough time to create a polished, convincing presentation

None that stand out. I thought the questions were fair, simple, and straight-forward.

There is always a discussion about how much money you want.

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Tell me about a time when a team member wasn't pulling his or her weight

Tell me about a time where you took a leadership role on a project

I was asked to walk them through some of my work. One team asked me if I had any experience integrating separate backend systems. They seemed overly concerned about my (then) lack of experience in management consulting work since I came from an agency background, which they kept harping on throughout the entire process. It seems as though they are skeptical that someone who normally works on shorter term solutions could have the vision to formulate a long-term strategy for the transformation of a company's business. This is probably the biggest point to address if you don't have MC experience.