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Customer Service Representative Interview Questions in Flushing, NY

"As the first point of contact between a company and the client, a customer service representative must have impeccable communication skills and conflict resolution abilities. Expect your interview to consist of a lot of role-play or ""describe a time when..."" questions that will test your ability to deal with irate clients, work well under pressure, and maintain a calm and professional composure. Make sure to come ready to provide a sales pitch of your company's product."

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What would you do if a client was nasty and daring with you?

1 Answer

would try to ignore the comments, then will try to direct the call very formal , ignoring any informality , then will put on hold foir a minute,and get back to the client then get if attitude continues put on hold and explien situation to the supervisor and transfer the call.

there were no difficult questions...they will ask about your past experiences in customer service

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Why do you want to work at hectic place as this one?

I can't changed the channel on my remote, whats going on?

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What do you see yourself in the company.

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They expect to find candidate who can work nice with people with good bi-lingual telephone skill and sufficient on the computer.

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2nd Interviewer Mostly about your personality/traits at work.. " Tell me... 1. How you deal with an irrate customer? 2. How you handle a fast-paced environment? 3. How will your boss rate you?

How long do I decide that I'll be attending my employment with them?

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3rd Interviewer is a simulartion and a scenario.. Interviewer made me study the remote for 5mins and did a simulation call... pretending he was a customer having a difficulty using the remote.

Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer