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Food & Beverage Manufacturing interview questions

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You are an ABM for Chips Ahoy. You notice that sales/revenue is up 5% compared to last year but your total share of the cookie category has declined 5%. How do you explain this apparent contradiction?

3 Answers

Basically I mentioned that I would want to know what was happening with my existing competitors. Where they experiencing the same thing? In the end, the answer the interviewer was looking for was.....Yes, sales/revenue was increasing for Chips Ahoy, but the cookie category was growing at a faster rate (because of new entrants into the category) than sales/revenue.

Is this some sort of joke question seriously ... Category is growing faster than you are that's how you lose share no brainer

You rose the price. Ly vs ty. Ly comps vs unit comps.

How experienced are you in Excel?

1 Answer

How have you utilized your relationship with agencies/vendors to achieve company goals?

1 Answer

Describe a situation that was particularly challenging for you and how you overcame it.

1 Answer

how good are you in improve the sales and customer service ?

1 Answer

How would you handle a big mistake you had made?

1 Answer

Tell me about a well marketed product

1 Answer

How do you feel about interacting with different departments of the company while managing the multicultural strategy of several brands and their owners at the same time?

1 Answer

Can you process payroll?

1 Answer

Are you mechanically inclined

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