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What motivates you? And a series of other questions

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I love working with people and giving my service to you I feel it's a good fit and I feel like the benefits of helping good people can I work with every day and giving my all to them and serving your community and your business will work well with me and you and on top of that I love your hotel I feel like your hotel suits a lot of people and your employer as well and it's a great business for your employer's and your guess and I want to be apart of the team and I can't wait to be a part of the team so I hope you give me the time to be apart of the team thanks for your time that I get to talk to you now I love to help it's a been a part of me since I've even grown up it's just who I am I face the facts my mom says tell me all the time needed don't have such a big heart I know you do and I can't help knowing that you have been such a big heart but don't give it out give it to a business that will take you on give them your heart give them your help give them your compassion so I'm asking you now please let me be apart of your team and give you my all give you my heart give you my compassion give you my help and let me show you what I can do I'm always on time when I'm late I tell you ahead of time when I'm late and that appointment I will tell you that ahead of time too and if it's the same day I will still tell you ahead of time if I'm sick I will tell you ahead of time I am a very good worker I give it my all and never give less thank you so much for your time I hope you have a wonderful day God bless I am a Christian

I'm in the food business also for quite a few years I've worked at 2 to 3 McDonald's 2 to 3 jimmy johns and as a receptionist for five years and also just recently I've worked at Jerry's Do It Best Hardware by Cub Foods and France and Old Shakopee then just recently they let me go so I've been in the company with food service and also sales and customer service for a long time it's over 5 years just thought I would give you a little update have a great day God bless

How do you deal with difficult employees?

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Would you be willing to learn how to order?

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Tell us your experience in food service management.

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I thought hitting "add a question" would add a different question that I would answer, please ignore this text as an answer.

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Do you know anyone who work here?

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Name one time you had to show leadership in the workplace.

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Can you wear many hats? Do different jobs

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There weren't really any hard questions. I was asked why I chose Earth Fare. Then I was asked what my responsibilities were with a restaurant I last worked with because it was a food service job I was being interviewed for.

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