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Tell about a time you interacted with children and what did you do

1 Answer

there was a time when my nieces and nephew comes over and i would just play around and show them a good time like in a sample i would take them to the park and make them lunch

Describe a moment when you were asked to work with a person you did not get along with. Explain what you did to finish the assignment and come to common grounds with that person.

1 Answer

What would you do if a friend came to you for advice?

1 Answer

The manager asks you to complete a task. You then are confused on what to do. What do you do to successfully complete the task.

1 Answer

When was a time you had a confrontation with a coworker and what did you do to solve the issue?

Describe a time where you were challenged at work, and how you overcame the issue.

What was a time when you had to suggest going to a certain restaurant, ride, or entertainment place? How did you do it and was it successful?

How did you deal with a person in a previous situation (school, work....) that didn't do what they were supposed to?

There was no questions. Just activities.

1 Answer

Tell me about a boring task you had and what you did to make it not so bad.

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