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FPL Food
Senior Food Technologist was asked...September 17, 2015

To describe myself in three words.

1 Answers

Hardworking, dedicated, and honest.

Contessa Premium Foods

None very difficult questions. 1) Why do you think you will be a good fit for the position. 2) Do you have hands on experience working in lab? 3) Do you like cooking?

1 Answers

Easy questions, I was confident an ready for any kind of questions.


You seem to have good publications. Why not academia?

1 Answers

I like the fast paced research in industry, impact real lives .


If you were to set up a social club at Hello Fresh what would it be?

1 Answers

A cooking club


Why do you want to work for hellofresh or what do you know about HelloFresh

1 Answers

I would like to be part of a business model which is new in its space and leading the world. Setting up food safety policies for such a business model will bring exciting new challenges and with that, new learning developments. Less

Maple Leaf Foods

What colour is your brain? (no further clarification of meaning)

1 Answers

Both literally and figuratively.

Maison Blanc

What did you find the most challenging task in your last role that you worked in.

1 Answers

Time managing with very short deadline and under pressure yet to focus on all details of data. Less

High Liner Foods

Can you give an example where you had to deal with a sensitive issue with another employee?

1 Answers

I shared about the time I counseled two employees who had a strained work relationship which was affecting their interaction on the floor. Less

Beyond Meat

What would you be able to offer Beyond Meat.

1 Answers

I think they're looking for an answer on what type of specific knowledge and expertise you can offer. Less


What products does Unilever make

1 Answers

Rama, dawn, omo

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