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How would you respond to an Afghan national leader who wanted paid for influencing projects to be developed and/or awarded to his own companies or friends/family who owned them.

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Under normal conditions answer would be a flat-out no that cannot work under such 'bribery' influence. However, Afghanistan is corrupt thoughout and operates by tribal and family traditions that have been 'in stone' for centuries. I would listen to the national leaders proposals and discuss/consider 'among USAID colleagues - supervisors' how and if there would be any way we could work with the national as he proposes. Unfortunately the way countries like Afghanistan and West work are far apart. One has to discuss and consider alternative 'legal' ways in order for work and projects to progress. Otherwise there is a standstill and nothing gets done.

What is a tense situation that you managed to overcome in a work environment and how?

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Why do you want to be a foreign service officer

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Have you ever disagreed with a policy that your regular duties mandated you enforce?

Cannot answer this because of non disclosure agreement.

They were all typical questions that you find in an interview.

Why are you interested in this job? How do your skills and experience fit the position?

Hypothetical questions concerning difficult situations that might occur at a U.S. Embassy require candidates to express good judgement while thinking on their feet.

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