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Department of Trade and Industry Philippines
Foreign Trade Service Officer was asked...January 5, 2018

How does a typical commercial diplomat spends his day?

2 Answers

Typically reading the business section of the newspaper, going over papers, etc.

Parks his car anyplace he wants

US Agency for International Development

Would you like a coffee?

1 Answers

No thank you, I drink tea.

U.S. Department of State

How do you operate in a team environment? Give an example of how you manage conflicts in a team environment.

1 Answers

The Department of State heavily functions using team effort, support and coordination. It is expected that you have the same ability before taking such a job. Examples of how you work in teams and managed conflict or differences in opinion is particularly useful. Less

U.S. Department of State

Why do you want to be a foreign service officer

1 Answers

Probably one of the tougher questions to answer, especially if you haven't thought of it in advance. Less

US Department of Commerce

Most Difficult: Listing every international business trip and overseas contact for the previous several years.

1 Answers

Hopefully, you'll have a good record of your movements.

US Army

If I was married or had kids and already spoke other languages.

1 Answers

Single and already had working knowledge of a few other languages. Many current candidates were having problems completing language programs and family issues were preventing overseas deployments. Less

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore

(Stage 1) How do you foresee your first month working at MFA to be like?

1 Answers

Getting to know protocol and processes, bonding with colleagues, finding out my own best work style to handle MFA work. For this part, stay grounded, but don't be vague. Less

U.S. Department of State

Why do you want to join the Foreign Service?

U.S. Department of State

Describe you experience planning events and working with difficult people.

1 Answers

I gave very specific examples of past experiences.

US Agency for International Development

How would you respond to an Afghan national leader who wanted paid for influencing projects to be developed and/or awarded to his own companies or friends/family who owned them.

1 Answers

Under normal conditions answer would be a flat-out no that cannot work under such 'bribery' influence. However, Afghanistan is corrupt thoughout and operates by tribal and family traditions that have been 'in stone' for centuries. I would listen to the national leaders proposals and discuss/consider 'among USAID colleagues - supervisors' how and if there would be any way we could work with the national as he proposes. Unfortunately the way countries like Afghanistan and West work are far apart. One has to discuss and consider alternative 'legal' ways in order for work and projects to progress. Otherwise there is a standstill and nothing gets done. Less

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