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Find the second largest element in a Binary Search Tree

16 Answers

find the right most element. If this is a right node with no children, return its parent. if this is not, return the largest element of its left child.

One addition is the situation where the tree has no right branch (root is largest). In this special case, it does not have a parent. So it's better to keep track of parent and current pointers, if different, the original method by the candidate works well, if the same (which means the root situation), find the largest of its left branch.

if (root == null || (!root.hasRightChild() ) { return null;} else return findSecondGreatest(root, root.getValue()); value findSecondGreatest(Node curr, value oldValue) { if(curr.hasRightChild()) { return (findSecondGreatest( curr.getRightChild(), curr.value)); } else return oldValue; }

If you had 5,623 participants in a tournament, how many games would need to be played to determine the winner

61 Answers

what are some of your attributes?

1 Answer

The assignment that I was assigned three people was doing this assignment. Later on I was assigned to do this assignment by myself

1 Answer

What are your goals in this company if you were to be hired?

1 Answer

If I were able to stand for hours at a time. And could work overtime

1 Answer

Do I have forklift experience.

1 Answer

Finding matching numbers

1 Answer

What can you bring to this company as a forklift driver?

1 Answer

how much experience

1 Answer
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