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Are you a big-picture person or a detail person?

5 Answers

Not clear what they were looking for in this instance.

Primarily detailed but developing the habit/skills to see the big picture. It took me some time to make a habit of seeing big picture. However later I realized that I even need the skills to see the big picture. For that I have been studying other projects and situations and learning from them.

This is an important question. A big-picture person usually adopts a top down approach considering relatively high level aspects e.g., business viability and the extent, where else the technology would impact, mid term and long term potential future of the technology etc. However a detail person would rather adopt a bottom up approach by identifying the well defined technical challenges and their potential solutions, other similar problems and their strengths and limitations...

explain regardingReversed-phase chromatography (RPC)

2 Answers

pressure of the pump

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It wasn't unexpected but difficult to answer. What are my limitations?

What is important to you in a company?

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Why do you want this job?

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A lot of experience/situation descriptions and how do you tackle and the outcome

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