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Interview questions in Fort Belvoir, VA

US Defense Logistics Agency Interviews in Fort Belvoir /  HQ: Fort Belvoir, VA

5 Interviews in Fort Belvoir (of 48)

2.4 Easy

CACI International Interviews in Fort Belvoir /  HQ: Arlington, VA

2 Interviews in Fort Belvoir (of 251)

2.5 Easy

Army and Air Force Exchange Interviews in Fort Belvoir /  HQ: Dallas, TX

2 Interviews in Fort Belvoir (of 151)

3.0 Average

Interview Questions in Fort Belvoir

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Normal questions about your background and experience.

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I told them what I had done in previous jobs.

They asked me to meet the client at another interview.

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where did I want to be I net 5 yrs

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What would you tell your Supervisor right away that he needs to watch out for, with regards to you, personally?

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When can you start?

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Why is your teaching philosophy?

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Describe a time you had a tough situation and how you solved it.

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What would you do if an employee lied to you? HR question

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After answering all the BBI questions with a STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Review), I was asked to solve several engineering questions with difficulties ranging from high school math/physics to college level engineering courses. I had about a week to prepare myself for an interview, but it's really either you know or you don't.

About my qualifications and if I were a good fit. Also gave me 4 scenarios to see if I could tell if a patient meets the criteria to be recruited.

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