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Interview questions in Fort Bragg, NC

US Army Interviews in Fort Bragg /  HQ: Washington, DC

20 Interviews in Fort Bragg (of 1,808)

2.5 Easy

Army and Air Force Exchange Interviews in Fort Bragg /  HQ: Dallas, TX

4 Interviews in Fort Bragg (of 158)

1.5 Very Easy

US Department of Defense Interviews in Fort Bragg /  HQ: Washington, DC

3 Interviews in Fort Bragg (of 269)

1.7 Very Easy

Interview Questions in Fort Bragg

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In my Male Mechanical Field I get questioned more than the men do in all interviews.

1 Answer

I am very good at my Interviews.

Fulfilling job that is always busy

1 Answer

Describe how you handle classroom conflict

1 Answer

On the second interview, the Director asked me that I responded "Excellent" to a question that stated technical expertise in contracting with an unlimited warrant.

1 Answer

Will you go to jump school?

1 Answer

Will you take a lifestyle polygraph?

1 Answer

Given that I had extensive experience as a client of the organization, I was asked how they were failing.

1 Answer

No difficult questions. Having been in HR before, I kind of knew what to expect; I also prepared beforehand.

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