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Cashier Interview Questions in Fort Worth, TX

"Employers are looking to hire cashiers with great customer service skills and experience handling cash. In preparation for an interview, come ready to answer role-play questions that will assess your ability to appease difficult customers under stressful circumstances. Make sure to showcase a positive and easy-to-work-with attitude that will convince your interviewer you're right for the job."

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The manager asked me to sell him a pen.

1 Answer

I told him that the pen was clear so you could see when the ink was running out so you knew when to buy new pens. I told him the cap that came on the lid would help keep the ballpoint from drying out.

How would you go about selling a product like dog food?

1 Answer

They asked me how would I benefit the company?

1 Answer

Strangest interview since the only questioned asked was if I had experience.

1 Answer

tell me a time you had to work in a team setting?

1 Answer

The ice breaker of getting 5 minutes to re-create your resume using construction paper and markers or crayons is disarming at first.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for Movie Tavern?

1 Answer

What accomplishments did you have at last job?

There wasn't really any difficult questions to answer.

What are some of strengths/weaknesses?

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