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QA Analyst Interview Questions in Fort Worth, TX

"Employers looking to fill QA analyst positions want applicants with the problem-solving capabilities to detect software-level errors and make improvements to their products. In an interview, expect to be quizzed on technical questions that will test your analytical and critical thinking skills. You may be asked to resolve a programming error or explain the uses of a particular function."

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Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with your colleague.

Interview was pretty relaxed. Questions where asked related to QA Processes and Methodologies and also personal as well. seemed to want to get a feel if I would be a good fit for the team

Tell us about yourself. It was not easy to answer the question.

What kind of testing experience do you have?

The questions were very detailed and pertained mainly to my most recent position, where I had similar job tasks. "Can you tell me about som HPLC troubleshooting you have had to do?" "How did you go about preparing samples for your method validation?"

give me an example of your creativity, and other behavioral questions

Give me an example of situation when you had an argument with your boss and how did you handle it

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