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Registered nurse Interview Questions in Fort Worth, TX

In addition to assisting physicians in providing medical assistance to patients, nurses must have strong interpersonal and conflict-management skills. In an interview, expect to be quizzed on medical practices and procedures, as well as answer situational questions that will test your ability to excel under difficult conditions. Come ready to discuss a time you handled a tense patient or how you would handle an emergency situation.

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What experience do you have?

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13 years of CVICU

hi dear sir /madam i am a qualify nurse ,qualify medical laboratory technician degree (pediatric medical) in kabul medical university but unfortunately due to war situation i could not complete i have flown as a refugee in UK i used to work in J R Hospital with a good recommendation letter from (MAUand MSSU) I,ve got a lots of job experience in my country job as nurse in UK hca .

job experience as nurse medical technology department .

what do you solve the conflict with your coworker?

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Do you know anyone who works in this department?

1 Answer

If I was comfortable working with a diverse population.

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Patient's goals and how prioritization. The interviewer asked about my temperament.

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Typical, tell me about yourself and why should we hire you?

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What is your weakness?

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Mostly how stress is handled and how to resolve conflicts with patients and peers.

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What's your greatest weakness

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What salary would you prefer?

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