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Given an nxn matrix of 1's and 0's, figure out if all of the 1's are connected.

2 Answers

Count all 1's in the matrix and store the number in a variable. Then use a dfs or bfs starting from a node with a 1, considering any adjacent 1 entries as neighbors. Count the number of entries reached through the search. If it's equal to the total number of 1's in the array, return true. Otherwise, return false.

Keep a hash set of nodes already visited. Count the number of 1s in the matrix and store that in some int variable count. Iterate through matrix until a node with 1 is found. Use dfs or bfs starting from this node to visit all nodes with 1, checking each time if that node is contained in your hash set to avoid revisiting nodes and then adding to that hash set if the node has not been visited yet. After traversal is done, compare count to size of hashset. If equal, then return true else return false.

Given an array and an index within that array, rotate the array from that index of rotation Example : Input => [1,2,3,4,5] , 3 Output => [4,5,1,2,3]

1 Answer

Implement a function that checks if a player has won tic tac toe

Algorithmic problem to solve sequence and calculate row in a given structure

problem solving is key, know some system design, be prepared to talk about your resume and background

Basic tree/caching/class questions. Nothing too hard but the questions all had a right answer and an extra-mile answer. Like I said, see their website for what a decomposition is.