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Describe in details some of the complex state machines that I have designs. Also their Pro and cons

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I take my time to answer...this gave the interviewee the impression that I did my own design any not copying it from others.

They asked me which FPGA I had most recently done work on and the functionality that I programmed into it and what language I did it in.

Typical clock domain crossing questions, DDR, FPGA timing analysis. Also wanted applicant to design a circuit over the weekend with testbench and results. I did not get to this point since the interviewer seemed more interested in having me describe verilog language constructs that I do not regularly use in the design of hardware circuits, maybe used in a testbench when I don't care about non-synthesizable code.

Describe the process of designing for a specific FPGA. (General and very vague question prompting the interviewee to ask a lot of questions.)

How do you handle the situation when you are at a roadblock in a design.

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Using the whiteboard, show us how you would architect an FPGA to handle a proposed problem. Using the whiteboard, show us VHDL or Verilog code to implement an FSM.

Walk through past designs, clock crossings, some scenarios just the usual but nothing that was out of line for the position

So tell me about you? Why do you want to work at Netlist?

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