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what is the angle between the 2 hands at 5:15? what time will it be the next time the 2 hands coincide to the nearest minute?

3 Answers

67.5 degree 5+5/11 hours = 5h 27min

12 hours 360 degrees: 30 degrees per hour. 2 hours between 3 and 5 oclock: 60 degrees. Minute hand goes much faster than hour hand. There are 10 minutes between 3 oclock and 5 oclock. In 10 minutes the minute hand will catch up to where the hour hand was. In 10 minutes the hour hand will move (10/60)*5 ticks=5/6ticks=almost a minute In 5/6 minutes the hour hand will move (5/6/60)*5=25/360ticks=approx 0.5 second. So common sense says it will be closest to 5:26 by the time it catches up.

The first part is 67.5. The second part: at 5:00, when the hour hand moves one tick, the minute hand would have moved 12 ticks (minutes). So the answer has to be strictly between the 2nd and 3rd tick, i.e. between 5:27 and 5:28. Since, for the minute hand to move from 5:24 to 5:27, the hour hand had also moved 1/4 of a minute from 5:27, i.e 5:27:15. A further move of 1/2 of a minute by the minute hand (i.e. 5:27:30), results in the hour hand moving to 5:27:17, which is too much. So they meet exactly at 5:27:16, to the nearest second only.

FPGA designers that use Verilog are typically not good at using object oriented languages like System Verilog.

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Describe in details some of the complex state machines that I have designs. Also their Pro and cons

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Code a 9-pixel averaging filter in Verilog

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In C, reverse a string like "Hello there" --> "there Hello"

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ALP questions - what was your biggest technical mistake, have you had to disagree with your boss, etc.

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Two data lines with same numbered packets arriving in order but not synchronized. Make sure you only send the packet once and discard the latest same packet to arrive.

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Background experience, knowledge of "VHDL/Verilog", what I was looking for long term

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