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Financial Analyst Interview Questions in Frankfurt, Germany

Financial Analyst Interview Questions in Frankfurt, Germany

Interviewers will expect financial analyst candidates to be well-versed in financial markets, modeling, and analysis. Make sure you are comfortable with both micro and macroeconomics. In addition to highly technical questions, be ready to answer a few behavioral questions that will show off your communication and collaboration skills.

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Some Technical Terms, give a brief introduction of yourself..

- Phone interview with the manager: basic questions to test motivation and to invite you to a second round of interviews on site - 1:1 interview: . interview with the the vp: general questions about the cv about both "personal" and professional part, about your interest for the industry/ the sector, for the company, etc. . interview with the 1st analyst: . interview with the 2nd analyst: technical questions: explain a different methods of valuation, walk me through a dcf (detail the different steps), what does + 10 of depreciation does on your different statements?, explain the EV/EQ bridge . interview with HR: basic hr questions:walk me through your resume and explain me why you did wha you did, weaknesses/biggest failure and the reaction towards those failures, etc . talk with manager