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Freelance Web Developer was asked...June 12, 2015

Q: Finish the solution so that it takes an input 'n' (integer) and returns a string that is the decimal representation of the number grouped by commas after every 3 digits.

2 Answers

const func = n => n.toLocaleString();

public static void printSeperatedString(int n) { String[] string = String.valueOf(n).split(""); Stack stack = new Stack(); int count = 0; for (int i = string.length - 1; i >= 0; i --) { count ++; if (count == 3 && i > 0) { stack.push(string[i]); stack.push(","); count = 0; } else { stack.push(string[i]); } } while (!stack.empty()) { System.out.print(stack.pop()); } } Less


Do you have PLM experience?

1 Answers

No, my experience is limited to small companies who don't use PLM systems.

Comprometimento ?

1 Answers

Sim, Crescimento Profissional é sempre bem vindo, principalmente na area da tecnologia que é uma das que mais crescem, e devemos nos atualizar junto Less


Can we reschedule for 8:30?

1 Answers

I showed up at 8:30 and they weren't there.


After passing the technical interview they asked what would I do when unexpected things happen on the project.

1 Answers

I just used my common sense and 15 years of having to deal with clients.


1- the behavioral interview was just about collecting some information about me and about my experience. 2- the coding test was a bit difficult .. it was about 3 programming problems .. the first was fairly easy dealing with the array properties ... the 2nd was about binary trees and the 3rd was the most difficult i think ,,it was about finding the best path.

1 Answers

I did well in both phases . and got 44% in the coding test.


Telefonisch: vragen over specifieke ervaring en kennis.

Con qué tecnologías te sentís cómodo trabajando?


Why would you looking for a new position?


What was my experience building pharmaceutical websites?

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